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About Noble.

We chose the name Noble as an allusion to the Magic: the Gathering card "Noble Hierach". When we aren't working on the pool, we're probably gaming, printing, or disc golfing.

Single Pool

We're proud CSPA Members, we stand behind our commitment to one pool, forever. Find us as a listed member on Single Pool Alliance.

Bare Metal

Cloud outages happen. True decentralization starts with shared ownership, control, and intention of the wider network. That network needs non-cloud relays like Noble. Find us as a listed member on

Low Fee

We commit to being among the lowest fee pools regardless of changing network parameters. We aren't here to make a big profit or sponsor charity - fees cover costs of operation and only those costs.


Our commitment to the full decentralization of the network is what led us to embark on this project. Any future improvements that can be made to meet that goal, will be.

Tech Professionals/Nerds

We started getting involved with crypto mining around 2013. We have a combined 10 years of IT experience that we to use to add value to the community by continuing to build tools. Stay tuned for news on our upcoming projects.

Eco Friendly

We have low power consumption servers, including raspberry pi relays, and plan to become carbon-neutral in 2021 with solar installation.